Saturday, August 24, 2013

No colors when comparing code in AX

This is just a quick post on one of the annoyances when comparing elements in AX after the installing the latest version of Internet Explorer 10. Our beloved compare form suddenly doesn't show the red and blue color any more.

Apparently the latest version of the browser, IE10, doesn't support the gradient filter (CSS in HTML) once used for displaying the left hand side color boxes.

While it's not that big of an issue, I still felt compelled to sort it out. First I tried using some standard gradient CSS picked up from ColorZilla, but ended up using just static colors. I got the gradient to show OK in the browser, but not in the Ax form. Anyway, I just wanted the colors and not the fancy effects.

The solution is easy. Just change the HTML code put in the ActiveX components. Comment out the fancy gradient stuff and put on your own red and blue. Here is how I did it:

If anyone feels like sharing a different solution, please comment. For all I know, this will be sorted when Internet Explorer 11 is released. :-)

Update 9th of September

This problem is now solved in CU6 (6.2.1000.1437). They made the HTML complete with a CSS style section. I guess someone didn't want to throw out the gradient effect. ;-)

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